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Oh, BTW, We’re LIVE!

I had the best intentions of keeping this record up to date with how things were going, but between a back injury and the whirlwind of getting the store opened, I fell behind. So here’s the interesting things to know: The store is not only LIVE, but it’s kickin’! Everyone who walks in has loved […]

And Finally, The Hold Up

LOL – We all knew it was going too smoothly to believe. It finally caught up with us. A little tropical storm, a few vendors not doing their part, a little extra work here and there, and… now we’re doing the soft open a couple days later than we hoped. Sooooo much is done, though. […]

The Best Laid Plans…

… sometimes just work out! We’ve all been busy with our individual parts of getting things done. We’ve weaved our way through state and local permit requirements, got our point of sale system almost ready to go, got our credit card processing accounts, and spent a wheelbarrow full of money on the tiny pieces and […]

Signs, Signs… Everywhere There’s Signs

There have been a ton of things that have happened in the past couple days and it’s hard to recap, but I don’t want anyone following this to miss out. We’ve been painting walls, finding a cash register system, dealing with the street sign, ordering displays, building a “water feature”, deciding on opening juice specials, […]

Well THAT Escalated Quickly

Wow. What a weekend! We wanted to be absolutely sure we were not opening a new shop to try to do the same thing other shops were already doing, so we spent the weekend visiting vape shops. There are good shops out there and we hope none of them think we’re here to take their […]


It’s official! Four close friends, two who owned a vape shop and two who were their customers, have worked out a formal partnership to bring Fort Myers a new vape shop experience. Well, new to Fort Myers, but not new to us. We want to present the friendly, informed, and delicious experience from one of […]