Oh, BTW, We’re LIVE!

I had the best intentions of keeping this record up to date with how things were going, but between a back injury and the whirlwind of getting the store opened, I fell behind. So here’s the interesting things to know:

  1. The store is not only LIVE, but it’s kickin’! Everyone who walks in has loved it. That’s a huge relief to us, because it’s never a sure thing doing something differently. All those great reviews that have poured in and the long conversations with our visitors have reassured us we did the right thing.
  2. We have a great selection of hardware and juice on hand, and everyone is invited to tell us things they’d like us to carry. We have a big clipboard full of requests already and have brought a lot of it in.
  3. We carried the Fog It Up Friday tradition over from our other stores and it has been a BLAST! We even found a hot dog roller to give everyone a (free) snack while they hang out and socialize. That’s Friday evenings from whenever to close at midnight. (We’re also open until midnight on Saturdays.)
  4. Things are ramping up quickly. Compared to our first store, we’re seeing new customers discover us about 5 times faster with more every day.
  5. We are grateful to everyone who has helped spread the word!! It is very humbling to try to do a good thing and have it so well received.
  6. The “up north” partners like this area so much, they plan to go back, pack up their stuff, and return for good.

There is a TON of other stuff we could tell, but it would be so much better if you just come see for yourself. 🙂

Vape Love,

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