Signs, Signs… Everywhere There’s Signs

There have been a ton of things that have happened in the past couple days and it’s hard to recap, but I don’t want anyone following this to miss out.

We’ve been painting walls, finding a cash register system, dealing with the street sign, ordering displays, building a “water feature”, deciding on opening juice specials, and so so so much more! It’s a darn good thing we got a team of real go-getters or this would be impossible. Things are going “smoothly” (considering nothing goes smoothly in the real world) and so far, we’re on track for our opening. We’re all still psyched up and rolling hard!

Speaking of the opening juice specials, we really want people to know what our favorite juices are like, so we are working with the manufacturer to get a one-time-only deal to show them off. So far we know they’ll be in 30ml glass bottles in 3mg and 6mg. We’re still negotiating the price, but we know it will be way below retail and limit one per flavor per customer. A really special thing about this juice is you never spend your money on it and then get sick of it before you finish the bottle. A few puffs at the tasting bar can’t really show that off, so we want as many people as possible to take a bottle home to prove it.

Stay tuned for details!

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