Well THAT Escalated Quickly

Wow. What a weekend! We wanted to be absolutely sure we were not opening a new shop to try to do the same thing other shops were already doing, so we spent the weekend visiting vape shops. There are good shops out there and we hope none of them think we’re here to take their loyal customers. But we did get the assurance we needed to know there was no shop that was the perfect shop for us. We think there are people out there just waiting for the same thing we want to come along, so we are moving ahead.

This morning we signed our lease. This afternoon, we wired our deposit and rent to our new landlord (who we really like). Now, with keys in hand, it’s time to build a vape shop! There’s nothing like the feeling of unlocking the door for the very first time, stepping inside, taking a deep breath, and letting it sink in: This is MINE now. There is so much potential in this little building, so many people we will meet, new friends to discover, and hopefully, great memories to be made serving our community with the stuff we all believed improved our own lives. That’s the experience we had at our old shop and we can’t wait to get that going again here in our new shop.

Stay tuned for a wild ride!

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