And Finally, The Hold Up

LOL – We all knew it was going too smoothly to believe. It finally caught up with us. A little tropical storm, a few vendors not doing their part, a little extra work here and there, and… now we’re doing the soft open a couple days later than we hoped. Sooooo much is done, though. It looks like a vape shop. It FEEELS like a vape shop, and a really cool one at that. We can’t wait for everyone to see!

Just a couple more days and we’ll be ready to show you. Until then, wish us luck. 🙂

The Best Laid Plans…

… sometimes just work out! We’ve all been busy with our individual parts of getting things done. We’ve weaved our way through state and local permit requirements, got our point of sale system almost ready to go, got our credit card processing accounts, and spent a wheelbarrow full of money on the tiny pieces and parts it takes to run a business. The displays have been delivered. The sign might even be up in time for the grand opening. Amazingly, things are on track.

With humility, I have to say, I am astounded by the ability of this team to work together to smash a to-do list. My entire 30 year career has been spent working on collaborative projects with professionals in many fields. The most efficient and easy to work with team in all those years has turned out to be the four of us putting this store together. We’ve been in the thick of it, so the northern team and the southern team haven’t spent as much time together as we would like, but everything just keeps moving ahead. It’s a great thing to be part of.

We can’t wait for you all to see what we’ve done!

Signs, Signs… Everywhere There’s Signs

There have been a ton of things that have happened in the past couple days and it’s hard to recap, but I don’t want anyone following this to miss out.

We’ve been painting walls, finding a cash register system, dealing with the street sign, ordering displays, building a “water feature”, deciding on opening juice specials, and so so so much more! It’s a darn good thing we got a team of real go-getters or this would be impossible. Things are going “smoothly” (considering nothing goes smoothly in the real world) and so far, we’re on track for our opening. We’re all still psyched up and rolling hard!

Speaking of the opening juice specials, we really want people to know what our favorite juices are like, so we are working with the manufacturer to get a one-time-only deal to show them off. So far we know they’ll be in 30ml glass bottles in 3mg and 6mg. We’re still negotiating the price, but we know it will be way below retail and limit one per flavor per customer. A really special thing about this juice is you never spend your money on it and then get sick of it before you finish the bottle. A few puffs at the tasting bar can’t really show that off, so we want as many people as possible to take a bottle home to prove it.

Stay tuned for details!

Well THAT Escalated Quickly

Wow. What a weekend! We wanted to be absolutely sure we were not opening a new shop to try to do the same thing other shops were already doing, so we spent the weekend visiting vape shops. There are good shops out there and we hope none of them think we’re here to take their loyal customers. But we did get the assurance we needed to know there was no shop that was the perfect shop for us. We think there are people out there just waiting for the same thing we want to come along, so we are moving ahead.

This morning we signed our lease. This afternoon, we wired our deposit and rent to our new landlord (who we really like). Now, with keys in hand, it’s time to build a vape shop! There’s nothing like the feeling of unlocking the door for the very first time, stepping inside, taking a deep breath, and letting it sink in: This is MINE now. There is so much potential in this little building, so many people we will meet, new friends to discover, and hopefully, great memories to be made serving our community with the stuff we all believed improved our own lives. That’s the experience we had at our old shop and we can’t wait to get that going again here in our new shop.

Stay tuned for a wild ride!