It’s official! Four close friends, two who owned a vape shop and two who were their customers, have worked out a formal partnership to bring Fort Myers a new vape shop experience. Well, new to Fort Myers, but not new to us.

We want to present the friendly, informed, and delicious experience from one of the world’s most advanced vaping territories to our little corner of Florida. We want our friends and neighbors in Fort Myers to have access to the cutting edge hardware, amazingly tasty juices, well informed staff, and customer service so good, it formed life-long friendships, the four of us enjoyed in that shop.

So we did a thing. The corporation is formed, the partnership agreement is laid out, the opening plan is set, the financing secured, the logo is designed, and the lease gets signed early next week! We are expecting the “soft open”, including special deals to encourage you to come check it out, to be May 25th, 2018. The GRAND OPENING PARTY is schedule for June 2, 2018, the following Saturday.

Please accept our invitation to stop by and see how we’re doing with our crazy little plan to bring a new kind of vape shop to Fort Myers!

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