Not a New Concept, But New to the Area

Something different has come to town. We vape. A lot. When we first made this town our home, we noticed something was drastically different for vapers here. We searched everywhere for the vape shop to call our favorite, but we just couldn’t find a shop like our old shop. So we called the friends we’d made at our old favorite vape shop and hatched a crazy plan. We decided to open a little shop here that mirrors the friendly atmosphere, wide selection, cutting edge gear, great prices, and especially the juices we love. We invite you to come by and see if it’s the perfect vape shop for you.

Our Top Priority: You!

When you walk into our little shop, we treat you like an invited guest. We’ve been in this since the early days of vaping when it was hard to find information about anything. To this day, we stay committed to being a resource, not salespeople. If you ask us something and we don’t know, we find out the real answer.

Something for Everyone

If vaping were a world, it would have a lot of continents. LOL At our shop, you can find most of them.

The latest craze is a return to low power systems like pods and we have a lot of options we have personally tested to be worth the money. Pens to pods, we got you covered.

The majority of vapers end up in what was once called “sub-ohm” territory with devices operating at 30 to 80 watts, making a very satisfying amount of vaper with lower nicotine levels. We have a big selection of kits as well as “mix and match” tanks and mods. Again, if we carry it, we tested it first.

Some vapers live over on the tinkering continent with rebuildable and mechanical gear. “Squonk boxes” are currently very trendy and we have a few options there along with a full line of tube mechs, RDAs, RTAs, and other RxA options.

We have a big selection of juice lines from Smoky Mountain Vapes, Inc., to cover all the different levels of devices and full tasting bar to try before you buy. We take that one step further: The SMV Flavor Guarantee means if you buy it and decide it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can trade it in on another flavor!

Finally, there’s the accessories to make it all work: batteries, coils, rebuildable supplies, custom drip tips, and so much more. If we don’t have what you need, we use 27 U.S. distributors to find it.

Those Prices Tho!

It’s our goal to see each and every customer at least a couple times a month (or a couple times a week!) for all their vaping needs. To help make that happen, we make sure the price is right. If there’s one thing we learned at our other shops, it’s not worth a big markup if we never see you again. You’ll have to come in and see for yourself, but sales from 5% to 70% are a normal everyday thing. If we can make our distributors fight it out for a better price, that savings goes straight to you.

Where to Find Us

We are located on McGregor right beside the College Street bridge. If you’re coming from the beach, you’ll have to whip a U-ee, but it’s an easy spot to do it. 🙂 Here’s the Google Maps link: Into the Mist Vapes on Google Maps

Hope to see you soon!